Frequently Asked Questions

Are all courses for free? 

Yes the courses are free, no fee is charged. 

I don't use seeds of Rijk Zwaan yet, is that a problem? 

That is not a problem, we like to share a healthy future!  However, our curriculum is based on our varieties. The crop management refers to specific Rijk Zwaan varieties and may not be 1 on 1 applicable to other varieties. Of course, we like to see you becoming successful with the wide Rijk Zwaan assortment.

Who or what is Rijk Zwaan?

Rijk Zwaan is a vegetable seed breeder. We make new hybrid varieties with added value for all actors in the vegetable chain. Our Head Office is in the Netherlands but we have daughter companies in more than 30 countries and distributors in over a 100. As a professional grower you will appreciate our top varieties of cucumber, tomato, sweet pepper, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, carrot and many many more!

How do I register for Rijk Zwaan Learning?

Create a Rijk Zwaan account by clicking on the 'log in' button in the menu at the top of this page or on the orange register button on the homepage. Register by filling in your e-mail address or use Facebook Login. After your registration you can choose a course to enroll. 

Do I get something after completion of the course? 

We hope you gain knowledge which you can use in your day to day horticultural life to improve your productions. At the end of the course when you have done all lessons we will issue a certification.

How can I buy Rijk Zwaan seeds?

Rijk Zwaan seeds are available through our daughter companies or registered distributors. Find here a distributor in your country. We always demonstrate our varieties in open field and greenhouses together with other quality inputs such as drip irrigation, biological controls, high and mid-tech greenhouses and other appropriate technology. Seeing is believing: once you see the potential of our varieties and the way to realize it, we trust you will be a happy grower.  Find a list of our assortment by contacting the distributor for price and availability. 

Where can I find your distributor? 

In most countries we work with distributors, who will also supply other quality inputs. A list per country can be found on here.

Is it an online or offline training?

This is entirely an online course.

Which topics do you cover in the training? 

We tried to be as comprehensive as possible and cover all the basic aspects of a crop: from nursery and how to make seedlings to crop management, preparing your greenhouse, but we also look at markets and the business case of crop. Go to a specific course page to see the full curriculum of a course.

Do I have to follow the sequence or can I jump to a specific lesson?

Once you have made an account, you can take the lessons at your speed and leisure. Although we put the lessons in a logical order you can decide on the order yourself and jump back and forth.

After completing, can I consult the lessons again?

Once you have made an account, you can consult the lessons and your tests again at every moment.

In which languages are the courses available?

So far the lessons are only available in English. We are working on other languages.

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